Consumer Council published new Consumer Report featuring reports on hygienic condition of sushi and costs of piano lessons
2018-01-12 12:36:00

Consumer Council published new Consumer Report featuring reports on hygienic condition of sushi and costs of piano lessons

Source: Consumer Council

Consumer Council published the latest issue no. 292 Consumer Report, which features two reports on the test of microorganisms and calories of sushi, and a questionnaire on piano lessons fees and paying methods.

All samples passed the test on hygienic condition

The Consumer Council and IACM’s Food Safety Centre co-tested 30 samples of sushi, sashimi, and sushi rolls for their hygienic condition and calorie contents. All samples contain no pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella and staphylococcus aureus, consumers are suggested to pay attention to the hygenic condition of the premises when purcahsing raw and semi-cooked foods, to make sure the foods are kept in an environment under 5º C, and consume all pre-packed sushi and sashimi before the expiry date.

Pre-paid amount to be considered

The Council conducted a questionnaire on the fees charged for beginner piano lessons by private institutions, including educational and musical centres, and the regulations of their payment and refund for this kind of service.

The result shows that these institutions usually charge consumers in advance for an amount per class or per month, some of them do not offer make-up session nor reimburse the amount of unused classes. The Council therefore reminds consumers to consider all charges and rules of payment and refund when applying for this kind of course. For example, some institutions charge consumers in a 10-class unit and some once every four months, consumers should consider carefully to avoid unnecessary loss and lower the risk of prepayment consumption.

The two reports mentioned above and the related tips for consumers are published in the most recent issue of Consumer Report.

Tips for consumers guarantee safety and consumer rights

The latest issue no. 292 Consumer Report features a “Tips for consumers” on buying children’s toys, and an arbitration case as a reminder to consumers to use vouchers within the valid dates.

Consumer Report is now available free of charge at the Council (Av. Horta e Costa, N.º 26, Edf. Clementina Ho), and the service counter of the Council at Macao SAR Government Service Centre (Rua Nova da Areia Preta, Nº52), Public Information Centre at Vicky Plaza, libraries, and bookstores. Consumers may also access the magazine online on the Council’s official website ( and WeChat official account.

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