Quota rights set for Macao-HK cross-boundary vehicle travel via HKZM Bridge
2018-02-13 21:52:00

Quota rights set for Macao-HK cross-boundary vehicle travel via HKZM Bridge

Source: Government Information Bureau

The Government announced today that under a specific quota initiative there will be 600 permissions for Macao-registered private vehicles to travel to and from Hong Kong once the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao (HKZM) Bridge is launched.

Among the 600 permissions under the cross-boundary initiative, a total of 500 are valid for one year and the other 100 have a six-month validity.

The regular quota for Hong Kong private vehicles entering Macao, via the cross-delta bridge, is set at 300 permissions, each with a three-year validity.

Macao- and Hong Kong-bound vehicles registered under the regular quota initiative will have unlimited access to the corresponding Special Administrative Region (SAR) within the validity period of the relevant permit.

Macao’s Transport Bureau will soon announce more details on the arrangements for the relevant Macao-registered vehicles.

The Macao and Hong Kong authorities have reached consensus on the topic, with a view to promoting closer ties between the two SARs on economic and trade matters, and in terms of people-to-people exchanges.

Once the Bridge is launched, Macao-bound users of Hong Kong-registered vehicles that have not been registered under the regular quota initiative will have an option to apply to join a transit scheme. Under it, drivers of Hong Kong-registered vehicles wishing to enter Macao via the Bridge will be required to register in advance and reserve a space in a particular car park, which will have a total of 3,000 spaces for private vehicles.

This car park is at the eastern end of the artificial island that also accommodates the Macao boundary crossing checkpoint – i.e., at the Macao end of the Bridge.

Motorists in Hong Kong vehicles that are registered under the transit scheme will not be permitted to drive directly into Macao. Those registered Hong Kong motorists will be able to travel into Macao from the car park using public transport services.

The Macao Government will closely liaise with the Hong Kong SAR and Guangdong Province regarding the launch date of the bridge, a structure which spans the Pearl River Delta. The date is subject to the approval of the Central Government.